Your bravery shines a light on the path forward

“What a journey, Sophie. Yours is a life well-lived because of all the impact you are making for others and most importantly that you have learned to love yourself.”

“Thank you so much Sophie for sharing your story, and the emotional labour involved.” 

“I wanted to come on camera but I’m having a bit of a cry right now. Hearing your story has brought back a whole bunch of feelings and memories relating to a trans friend of mine who passed away last year. She was the most kind, inspirational and genuine person that I think I have ever had the privilege to know. She unfortunately did not have such a supportive response in her place of work or family and it breaks my heart to think about the way that people treated her, but one beautiful outcome of her influence on the lives of her friends was that when another friend’s child came out as trans this year, they felt in a safe enough space to do that and that gives me real hope.”

“Very inspirational Sophie, thank you so much , so much to take away and think about.”

“Thank you so much Sophie. You’re an inspiration.”

“A brilliant session which I will be thinking about for a long time thanks x”

“Diolch yn fawr. Thank-you so much Sophie! Really brilliant and open conversation.”

“Thanks a million Sophie. Your bravery shines a light on the path forward. Here’s to the power of love, light and kindness — we’ll change the world one kind act at a time.”

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