Poignant and heart-rending, yet at the same time inspiring and uplifting, Sophie’s speeches trace a journey from private torment to personal triumph. Told with honesty, candour, warmth and intimacy she explores the mindset of a transgender woman. Outlining the huge emotional and social toll of gender dysphoria and chronicling a voyage towards truth, validation and authenticity.

Sophie’s compelling story portrays the fragility and fortitude of human emotions, demonstrating how – by conquering fear and summoning strength — a person is capable of making the progression from loathing themselves to loving themselves.

With clarity, credibility and insight – and by drawing upon her personal experiences – Sophie scrutinises a variety of contemporary issues, from prejudice and discrimination to mental health and resilience.

Through her speeches, Sophie aims to broaden listeners’ minds, expand their knowledge and shed new light on the way that we all think and behave. Sophie’s tale resonates with people across the generations who appreciate an honest, uplifting and inspirational story.

That being said, Sophie is keen that her work is framed, but not defined, by her transgender journey. Sophie’s storytelling is unashamedly frank and forthright, and her wry, self-deprecating brand of humour lightens even the bleakest moments. This is the story of an extraordinary life, communicated by a voice that deserves to be heard.

Sophie Cook is an in-demand public speaker, delivering keynote talks and LGBT workshops internationally for high profile organisations such as the TUC, Kick It Out, JP Morgan, Virgin Media and Stonewall and in 2018 gave a TEDx Brighton talk to a sell out 1500 crowd that prompted one audience member to write “I laughed, I cried, I had snot running down my face”.