Transgender Awareness Training

It’s a proven fact that people are happier and perform better when they feel free to express their true identity, whether that be their sexuality or gender identity.

In the UK it is estimated that 5% of the population are in some way on the transgender spectrum and this figure is increasing year on year as societal changes make trans people feel safer expressing the different aspects of their identity.

These people will be amongst your staff and your customers.

With gender reassignment being one of the protected characteristics under the Equality Act it is both legally and morally responsible for all businesses to ensure that their staff are familiar with transgender people and know how to work with them both as colleagues and as customers.

A moments insensitivity can lead to intense personal pain for a transgender person and in these days of social media can also result in bad publicity for the business.

Sophie Cook offers training sessions that give your staff the awareness that can help your business to be a good ally for your transgender staff and customers and by telling her own story openly she can achieve an emotional connection that ensures that people have the empathy to understand why the correct treatment of trans people is so important.

Training sessions generally last around two hours but can be tailored around your operational requirements and it’s possible for multiple sessions to be provided on the same day to different team members.

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