Coaching in the Community

Working with grassroots organisations can be extremely rewarding. The opportunity to make a difference in our communities and another person’s life is one of the greatest things that we, as empathic beings, can be given.

Unfortunately it can also be incredibly challenging.

Helping others through difficult times in their lives can take a toll on those delivering the support on the front line. Burn out, both emotional and physical, can be an unfortunate side effect due to the challenges present in this kind of work.

Through her own experience, including working on the frontline of mental health support throughout the pandemic, Sophie Cook knows how emotional stress can exacerbate feelings of vulnerability, guilt, shame and the negative beliefs that can cause so many problems in our lives.

Being given a safe space to talk about the challenges and feelings that we face can make a real difference in our understanding of our thoughts and feelings. That is why Sophie truly believes in the ability of coaching to help us to overcome stress, find our authentic voices and excel.

Sophie is a highly trained, professional coach certified through ICF-accredited Awaken Coach Institute where she truly learned the power of courageous conversations and brave space. Sophie is an open, empathic listener and her ability to ask the difficult questions in a coaching session allows her clients to deep dive to the root causes of the issues that affect their daily lives. 

One to One Coaching Offer

As a thank you to those who make so much difference to the lives of others Sophie is offering some free one to one coaching packages. She has capacity for five people to receive six one hour coaching sessions, entirely free of charge, to help you to show up every day with the strength to help others while looking after your own wellbeing and resilience.

To apply for one of the free places please contact us

What’s the business case for coaching?

In today’s economy, most organisations are looking to cut and control costs not just to drive success but sometimes simply to ensure survival.  One of the greatest overlooked costs is that of recruiting new staff.

It is often estimated that it can cost an employer twice an employee’s salary to replace them if they leave. That cost varies across industries, and for some employers it can be even higher.

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of recruitment is to focus on employee retention and it has been shown that organisations that invest in staff learning and development score significantly higher in this area.

A coach can support employee retention by cultivating leadership, promoting engagement and supporting development, but it can also be costly with professional coaching sessions costing anywhere between £50-£100s per hour.

As part of Sophie’s continuing mission to help as many people as possible, a belief that is at the core of her consulting and educational work, she is working to make coaching affordable and accessible and to this aim Sophie has set aside capacity to work with three organisations over the next 6 months.

By offering organisations the ability to block book coaching sessions on behalf of their staff we are able to offer this key service at a reduced rate as part of our social responsibility initiative.

Number of sessionsCharity Sector CostCost per sessionPotential saving, compared to £50/session

What do people say about Sophie’s coaching?

“After a bad encounter at work, I was made to feel small, worthless and powerless. Sophie helped me realise that the only person that is letting the bullies win is ME! I am important, and I can take control over my own thoughts and life. I need to keep that in my head, and heart.”

“You create a wonderful presence for people to show up authentically. Bravery drives bravery.”

“Beautiful presence that creates trust and safety so easily.”

“Your presence as a coach makes your client feel like a hero — truly seen.”

“Grateful for your pure love and humanity during coaching.”

“So real and natural, Sophie actively listens. Got me to verbalise my thoughts and I now have a plan!”

To find out more, and to book a 121 chat with Sophie please schedule a meeting via the form below.