Two years on… starting the discussion

A lot has happened in the two years since I came out as #transgender I’ve run for parliament, been a TV presenter, spoken at the TUC & Wembley, but here’s my 1st ever speech telling my story in Sept 2015.

Here’s an email that I sent about it that same day:
“I obviously touched on a very important issue with my talk this morning in which I discussed being trans, the fear of discovery, suicide and redemption.

Since I posted it online 8 hours ago I’ve been contacted by five people who have been affected by these issues.

If I can help initiate the chain that leads to someone else discussing these issues then that makes opening my wounds in public worthwhile.

We need to remove the stigma of suicide and make it more socially acceptable for people to seek help, not from professionals but from their loved ones.

Not only have I come out as being transgender I’m beginning to feel that I’ve also come out as being suicidal and the relief I feel from both is immeasurable.

Once again I thank these people for contacting me and I wish you and everyone else that’s struggling every success in battling these demons.

Please share the video and help to start the discussion.”

I’m still fighting to keep that discussion going.