Not Today: How I Chose Life at TEDxBrighton 2018

In 2018 it was my immense honour to take to the stage in Brighton’s historic Dome Theatre to deliver a TEDx Talk to 1500 people, sharing the story of my mental health with a highly appreciative audience. Just before I went on the compere asked me how I would like to be introduced to which I joked “the Queen of the fucking world”.

Standing, barefoot in the wings, I mentally prepared myself as the host stepped onto the stage and announced “I’d like you all to give a massive TEDx welcome to the Queen of the fucking world, Sophie Cook!”

The spotlights made it impossible to see the audience but as I stood on that red circular carpet in the middle of the stage I could hear every laugh, gasp and tear as I took them on my journey with me.

Social media can be a force both for good and bad, I’ve experienced horrific trolling and death threats on Twitter but it’s always a positive experience checking the notifications after speaking at a major event and TEDxBrighton did not disappoint.

“All the speakers were brilliant today but Sophie Cook really lived up to her Queen of the F***ing World title. I laughed, I cried, I had snot pouring down my face. Such a moving and honest account of coming out as transgender.”

@LauraMitchell15 on Twitter

You can’t really ask for more as a speaker, to evoke such an emotional response that your audience is covered in snot, you know that your message really got through.