Jeremy Corbyn sends us a message for Transgender Day of Visibility

Today in Brighton we organised an event for Transgender Day of Visibility, with less than 20 hours notice we arranged a location, speakers and received messages of support from Brighton Pavilion MP and Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas MP and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn MP.

Here is Jeremy Corbyn’s message of support for the trans community:

“I would like to send you all a message of support on Transgender Day of Visibility.

“Raising the visibility of transgender people and recognising their great contributions to society is crucial. People must feel safe to express their true gender identity free of fear.

“Too often, transgender people face verbal and physical abuse and incidents of online bullying have increased over recent years.

“Trans visibility has never been higher — and I’d like to thank you all for all your work to make that so. But, as you know, that increased visibility has led to a backlash from those determined to deny trans identities.

“We need visibility to break down prejudice. Through education, awareness and the commitment of trans people to express their identities we will reduce bigotry and build an inclusive society for all.”