Election day 04:30 and why I’m here

04:30 June 8, 2017

As I look out at the sea I contemplate the journey that I have been on.

Two years, to the day since I moved to Brighton, and only 23 months since I came out as Transgender.

My life has changed beyond all recognition. The shy, scared person had found her voice and her purpose.

I’ve met wonderful people along the way and experienced joy and sadness, freedom and loss.

Today the people of East Worthing & Shoreham get to decide if they want me to stand up for them in Parliament and the responsibility sits large but welcome upon my shoulders.

When I was selected 6 short weeks ago no one gave us a chance but I, and others, dared to believe.

In a life full of uncertainty I have never felt more about my future than at this moment. I gave up a career in television to stand and beyond 8am tomorrow morning I now have no idea what my life will hold.

Despite that, at this moment in time everything makes sense. My purpose seems clear.

When I came out I had the choice to hide or to stand up to make the world a better place and that is what I’ve been trying to do, in my small way, every single day.

Today you have the opportunity to do the same thing, go out, VOTE LABOUR, and let us make the world a better, fairer, kinder place, together x