Brutally, honest feedback

Because I don’t have feedback forms after my speeches it’s always lovely when an event organiser shares the comments that they receive with me.

Following my recent speech for Bedfordshire Police at their Hate Crime Conference in Luton I was delighted and a little emotional at receiving an email containing the following feedback:

  • ‘Sharp and witty delivery.’
  • ‘Inspirational and was related to real life.’
  • ‘Sophie Cook was fab!’
  • ‘Great to hear from a victim.’
  • ‘Very interesting and enlightening to hear first hand story and experience.’
  • ‘Sophie made the most impact due to her personal story.’
  • ‘Very engaging talk, personal which made it more valuable. Makes you realise how people can be affected.’
  • ‘Sophie Cook for insight and honesty.’
  • ‘Very engaging, very candid. Really enjoyed her talk.’
  • ‘Honest, often brutally, poignant and yes sad – thanks for sharing Sophie.’
  • ‘Because this was the first time I have seen a Transgender person being given a platform to share their experience in a formal context. It was powerful.’
  • ‘Sophie Cook – delivered with humour and most importantly with impact – very informative and enjoyable.’

Wow, when I get a response like that then I know that it’s worthwhile doing what I do.