Dignified, simple, factual and had a powerful effect

“I first heard Sophie speak at the recent Stonewall conference in 2016 where she told her life story to over 800 delegates (a daunting task on its own)!

Sophie’s speech was dignified, simple, factual and had a powerful effect on those listening because it spoke precisely of the concept of being able to be your authentic self.

Sophie talked about how she lived in secret as well as how she grew as a person and as a professional once she had the confidence to live as who she is and not as who she felt she ought to be or was required to be. I was so impressed by Sophie that whilst she was speaking I was texting a colleague to get her booked in to come and speak to our Police Officers on North Surrey Police Division.

I think it is fair to speak on behalf of all of the police officers and support staff who heard from Sophie today by saying they were in absolute awe of her brave journey through life.

It is stories from inspirational speakers like Sophie that stay with you forever and I feel convinced having heard it they will all go out there to do the very best they can to prevent others having to endure some of the hardships Sophie has endured over the years.

Sophie on behalf of Surrey Police you’re Inspirational, thank you!”

Clinton Blackburn

Superintendent Operations
Staines Police Station, Surrey 

Co- Chair of Surrey Police LGBT Staff Support Network

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