If anyone hasn’t had a chance to hear Sophie speak — make sure you do!

“I just wanted to say thank you for the powerful speech you gave today at Bournemouth University for the young people and self harm conference. It was so eye-opening and emotive to not only hear someone’s personal experience of self harm, but also the many hurdles and challenges you have overcome in your life to shape you in to the person you are today. I think it’s so important for people like yourself to speak out on these subjects, and to break down those barriers that people often face when people think or speak about mental health. 

I went to that conference thinking I’d learn a bit more about self harm, but also came away learning a bit more about gender identity. It’s really made me think about how I might approach a situation if and when I come across a transgender student who is struggling. 

Your bravery in talking about these subjects is inspiring — and everyone I spoke to afterwards was equally moved by the honesty and rawness of the experiences you portrayed. If anyone hasn’t had a chance to hear Sophie speak — please make sure you do!”

Claire Devaney

Student Support and Engagement Coordinator
Bournemouth University

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