Watching you speak changed me as a person

“I saw you speak at a breakfast talk in London. I have to say that I was probably at best neutral to the world of transgender before the talk and I was certainly interested to know more.

“I can honestly say that watching you speak changed me as a person. I came away wanting to enlighten other people as much as I could about the subject and I have since embarked on a quest to raise awareness, not just in the workplace, but down the pub and within my family and group of friends.

“Anyone who hasn’t seen you speak won’t have the benefit of that experience but I suppose I just wanted you to know that I changed last week, thanks to you. Thanks!”

Angela Melia

Head of Human Resources
Stewarts — the UK’s largest litigation-only law firm

If you’ve seen me speak or watched my videos I’d love to hear from you and feature your feedback on the site.