I am important, and I can take control

“After a particularly bad encounter with an important client at work, I was then confronted by a bullying and manipulative manager. Not for the first time I was made to feel small, worthless and powerless.

I was lucky, as I was able to have a talk with Sophie. She helped me to put those thoughts that run through my head, which could so easily spiral out of control, back in the box. She helped me realise that the only person that is letting the bullies win is ME! I am important, and I can take control over my own thoughts and life. I need to keep that in my head, and heart.”

Susan (name changed)

Coaching client

Sophie says: “The important thing to remember when people are forcing their negativity on you is that it’s not about you, it’s about something that they’re carrying around in themselves, hate, anger, pain, and they project it at you. The way I handle my haters is that they can do what they want, there’s only one person in control over whether it hurts me and that is me. I am like the rock in the river, it will take 1000 years to wear me down, in the meantime I just let the water flow over me.”

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