A safe space for people to feel comfortable

“I have started to gain some feedback from attendees and they are all extremely positive and grateful that you shared your story and insight. We have never ever had that number of people attend something like this previously. We have also never experienced staff feeling comfortable in front of that number of people to share such personal questions either so for that again, I just want to say thank you as I think you made the environment a safe space for people to feel comfortable.”

“I found the session with Sophie very informative. I would recommend this to others because education in the area of diversity and inclusion has the power to change the public’s confidence in the police as a service.”

“I thought that Sophie’s delivery was fab: honest and direct which makes it so much easier to discuss potential issues and areas like this.”

“This session is necessary even if you think you already have a good understanding around a topic such as this. It is useful to remind yourself of other perspectives, other peoples doubts and questions.”

“I feel like everyone could do with attending this session. It was so insightful and shed a powerful message. We need to know how to approach people and make sure gender topics are fluid. Many people are often worried about offending people when speaking about gender so asking people how they identify is super important to help us make the force feel more inclusive.”

“The session was really informative, and I think a big part of addressing prejudices people may have is through enabling understanding and information. It is always a lot easier when someone with lived experience of a particular issue or topic educates rather than just handing people leaflets or pointing them to online experience.”

“I want to shine light on an observation from something which Sophie said which really rings true. Unless we are affected personally (i.e partner/ child/ parent), then it really does not make any difference to us whether someone is trans or uses different pronouns. Hopefully with continued awareness, more people will come to realise this.”

Feedback from training delivered for Northumbria Police