Hate Crime Awareness Training

Hate Crime is a growing problem in the UK with police reporting 155,841 incidents recorded in England and Wales in 2021–22. Shockingly, this is a 24% increase from the previous year, proving how crucial it is to educate ourselves on the discrimination we see around us.

Sophie Cook, an author, campaigner and TEDx speaker, has created a Hate Crime Awareness course aimed at providing your team with a better understanding of discrimination and its tremendous impact on individuals. In this intensive course, your team will learn about the various forms of hate crime, reporting procedures and how to identify and combat prejudices.

Sophie is highly skilled in creating empathy with personal stories, ensuring your team leaves with a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination. After this course, you and your team will understand how the law handles discrimination and how to be better equipped to support victims of hate crime.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and supported for who they are, regardless of their background. This course aims to give your team the confidence to speak out against hate crimes, help recognise it, and understand the effects it has on society.

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